Economics, finance, tax and corporate governance.

Without theory, practice is but routine born of habit. Theory alone can bring forth and develop the spirit of inventions. People are free not to share the opinion of narrow minds that disdain anything in science lacking an immediate application …In the fields of observation, chance favours only those who are prepared

PASTEUR, after being named Professor and Dean at Lille’s New Faculty of Sciences, 1854.

Éric PICHET has published around 20 texts in his main areas of research: economics; finance; tax and corporate governance. Several of his books – considered benchmarks in their respective fields – are updated and re-edited on a regular basis. This occurs on an annual basis for two tax guides l’ISF, théorie et pratiques (ISF Wealth Tax: Theories and Practice) and Impôt sur le revenu, Théorie et pratiques (Income Tax: Theories and Practice) and every four to five years for Le guide pratique des options (A Practical Guide to Options: 7th edition expected in 2011). Eric PICHET also offers his economic and financial analysis through French and international press outlets (L’Expansion, Le Nouvel Economiste, TF1, FR 2, FR3, Canal+, M6, LCI, Revue de droit fiscal, The Guardian...) and is regularly invited to speak at conferences all across the world.


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