His six main areas of research are: corporate governance; international economics; international finance; tax and its economic implications; wealth management; and property services.

He has also covered three other research themes: the structuring of higher education and its contribution to modern societies; the concepts of hypermodernity and ultra-modernity (key principles in his PhD supervisor thesis); and the epistemology of social science.


Éric PICHET has written a number of highly rated books that are regularly updated, re-edited and sold commercially, including :

  • France’s 2017 Income Tax: theory and practice, 18ème édition, 2017, Les Editions du Siècle.
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  • A practical guide to the Stock Exchange, 3ème édition, 2007, SEFI.
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  • A practical guide to options and the MONEP, 8ème édition, 2018, SEFI.
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  • A practical guide to bonds, 2nde édition, 2007, SEFI.
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  • Principles of corporate governance in the big listed companies, 2009, Les Éditions du Siècle.
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Research Papers 

  • « Enlightened shareholder theory: whose interests should be served by the supporters of corporate governance », Peer Reviewed Proceeding at the International Conference on Corporate Governance, Bordeaux, June 5th -6th 2008
  • « Convergence between corporate governance practices in the large publicly listed companies with dispersed shareholdings », La Revue Française de Gouvernance d’entreprise, n° 1, 2007
  • « The Economic Consequences of the French Wealth Tax (ISF) », Revue de droit fiscal, n°14, April 2007
  • « Who killed the WINEFEX? Autopsy of the Bordeaux wine futures contract », Peer Reviewed Proceeding at the 2nd International Conference on Wine Economics, Management and History, Florence, June 8th-10th, 2006
  • "Liabilities of the French State-as-an-employer: evaluation as of January 1st 2004 following the 2003 pensions reform”, CEREFI, BEM-Bordeaux Management School, n° 67-04, April 2004. Peer Reviewed Proceeding at the 3rd International Conference on Health Economics, Management and Policy, Athens, June 3-5, 2004.

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