Investing in property at yearend 2012

Éric Pichet gives his thoughts on property investment opportunities at yearend 2012, on behalf of Logic-Immo. With analysis of the new Duflot tax cuts and property prices in France See more

The Paris City Hall money laundering scandal

With France 2 TV news interviews where Éric Pichet explains different money laundering systems. Uncovering different ways of laundering money from abroad See more

Plans to raise taxes on capital

Éric Pichet speaks on France 2 evening news analysing plans to raise taxes on capital. Providing an estimate of higher taxes on income from capital. See more

Bernard Arnault’s change of nationality

On 8 September, Éric Pichet spoke on the France 2 evening newscast analysing Bernard Arnault’s decision to take Belgian nationality. Explains the inheritance tax advantages of becoming a Belgian resident and citizen See more

Managing Euro Million lottery winnings

BFM TV interview with Éric Pichet on managing Loto or Euro Million lottery winnings. Provides asset management advice for individuals with substantial winnings See more

Implementation of a withholding tax on income

Éric Pichet on the France 2 evening news: Advantages and disadvantages of implementing a withholding tax on income. See more

Analysing the government’s fiscal room to maneuver

Eric Pichet analyses the government’s fiscal room to maneuver in the 2012 Budget and 2013 Provisional Budget. See more

The art of research supervision

The art of research supervision: Réussir l’habilitation à diriger des recherches en sciences sociales (“Becoming a certified social science research supervisor”), by Éric Pichet. Currently this is the only helpbook for candidates looking to become human and social science research supervisors. It offers a relevant and clear overview of the obstacles they face. See more

The Proper Balance between Regulation and Governance ,International conference, Helsinki

Presentation of Éric PICHET : "A new paradigm for International Financial regulation : Towards a Helsinki consensus". International conference, The Proper Balance between Regulation and Governance, Helsinki. See more

What kind of financial regulations for the XXIth century ?

« Article In LES ECHOS Le Cercle » : What kind of financial regulations for the XXIth century ? See more

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